Starting in 2019, we enacted a First Entry Policy which eliminates the early lines for dedicated fans who want to get into the venue early. Beginning at the designated time, a predetermined number of wristbands will be distributed to the fans. Once all wristbands are distributed, a number at random will be selected. The person with this number will be the first person to enter the venue, followed by the next number. For example, if number 127 is selected that person starts the line followed by 128, 129, 130 and so on. The operation of the first entry has time components as defined below:


(2 hours before doors)

At this time we will allow guests to start a wristband queue. Prior to this, Playa Luna Presents security will monitor the area to ensure no one is lining up early. Anyone who has arrived early will be asked to leave the area and return at the designated hour. Because the system is random, being in the front of the wristband queue is not an advantage.



(1 and a half hours before doors)

At this time Playa Luna Presents security and venue staff will distribute wristbands in order to all the guests in line. Wristbands are unique colors for each day. Once a guest receives their wristband, they are free to move around, go to the bar, or lounge poolside. Guests do not have to stand in line at this point – just be sure to return to the same area 45 minutes before doors.



(45 minutes before doors)

At this time the starting number is selected and announced to the crowd via megaphone. Whoever has the first number will be the guest that leads the procession to the entrance. We will allow 15 minutes between calling the number and forming the line to allow guests to use the restrooms, grab water, etc.



(30 minutes before doors)

The initial line-up starts. Playa Luna Presents staff will be checking wristbands at the entrance to the venue to ensure the correct numerical order is respected. Each guest must have a first entry wristband; no companions are allowed, unless under the age of 18 or a part of our accessibility program. Guests with disabilities who have a first wristband will be escorted through the Accessibility Entrance once the first entry line has started to enter the venue. Guests with disabilities using this system will be allowed 1 companion into the venue at time of first entry.



Once the All-Call has been made, the first entry lane will be walked into the venue single file. Anyone who gets out of line will be asked to step to the back of the line and respect the system we have in place.